Custom Solutions For All Your Needs


Agility EMS is your partner for electro-mechanical components, distribution, and value-added engineering support. The custom solutions service that Agility EMS provides is our fastest growing service. Trust Agility EMS to be your custom solutions provider that empowers you to the optimize cost and production time without sacrificing performance or quality.

Agility EMS brings you the best in flat flex cable (FFC) in any design you need, and we are a certified distributor of flat pitch cable. We have what you need in cable pitch, conductor distribution and length, and offer you the custom solutions that will get your job done using long lasting and quality components.

DIN Rail
Agility EMS makes custom DIN Rail assemblies designed for manufacturing ease that are ready to be installed, saving you valuable resources. With full Design Services available we can work with you to design a Custom Assembly utilizing a variety of sensors, interconnects, terminal blocks or other components that are install ready.

Panel Build
Agility’s Panel Build services work to streamline manufacturing and get your products to market quickly. Our process development teams utilize our supply chain experts to provide cost effective, fast turnaround for the highest quality Panel Builds. Builds begin with a New Product Introduction process to identify and address any issues prior to first build to ensure a smooth assembly.

Agility EMS offers Hand-Held/Pendant-Station and Handwheel assembly services. Detent handwheels for precise control, toggle and selector switches, joysticks, E-Stops, equipment status indication and more can be fabricated in efficiently designed pendants with rugged enclosures for wide variety of environmental conditions complete with industrial cabling, strain reliefs and interconnects.

Component Value Add
Agility EMS has years of production expertise to take a manufacture’s standard catalog item and customize it to be installation ready. This will permit you to focus on your overall design and allow you the lowest installed cost.

Cable Assembly
Cable Assemblies consist of multiple conductors bundled together in one outer jacket with wire termination’s on the ends of the cable. Simplify your design and let our years of experience help you reduce costs and save time.

Agility EMS meets you where you are to create customized components and assemblies. The Agility EMS Team uses their decades of experience to provide the highest-quality custom solutions guaranteed to fit your company’s needs. To solve your unique business challenges, we work with our distribution partners and customize products and services to create a solution just for you.