Increase Productivity In Control Cabinet Wiring

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Relays with integrated fuses are suitable for ensuring the reliable functioning of machines and systems and increasing their availability. In the event of faults, they switch off individual line paths to protect the rest of the system.
To simplify and optimize wiring processes, special feed-in terminals, feed-through terminals, and partition plates have been developed for Weidmueller’s TERMSERIES-compact. The new feed-in and feed-through terminals increase flexibility in potential distribution and simplify wiring. The height of the partition plates has been adapted to the flatter format of TERMSERIES-compact. They facilitate the structured installation of the relays as well as the separation of different voltage ranges.

  • Space-saving, as no further terminal block with fuse required
  • Optimum cable protection due to selectable fuse to match the connecting cable
  • Easy handling due to fuse replacement while installed
  • Clear labeling with Weidmuller standard markers
  • Precisely fitting supplementary accessories for TERMSERIES-compact
  • More efficient wiring and better overview in the control cabinet
  • Safe separation of different voltage ranges