Engineering Services

1. Requirements

For all good design, technical requirements are the foundation to any successful product or process. Getting the essence up front means a more market-ready product.

• Detailed Project Specification (Statement of Work, Technical Requirements, etc.)
• Project Management (Budget, schedule and costs)

2. Proof-of-Concept/Rapid Prototype

The ability to create a physical concept will aid in a product’s lifecycle. The ideas generated and learned at this early stage improve a product’s release risk.

• Receive a “napkin-sketch” and create prototypes
• Ability to create quick-turn concept components

3. Design Engineering

A product’s heart is a solid, cost-effective design. Focusing on a product’s requirements and enhancing them is key in a product’s lifecycle.

• Detailed electromechanical product development
• 3D CAD Models, Drawings and Assemblies (SolidWorks)
• Ability to co-design with constant, consistent communication

4. Process Engineering (DFM)

Detailed analysis of both design and manufacturability is an area that requires knowledgeable application of engineering principles.

• Service to ensure optimum manufacturability
• Work closely with customers for existing and future considerations and anticipations

5. Procurement Planning

We continuously strive to improve on-time delivery and reduce costs through customer-focused Supply Chain Solutions.

• Inventory Stocking Solutions
• Customer Forecasting
• Lifecycle Management
• Vendor Reductions
• Consolidated Shipments
• Design Registration and Special Pricing Agreements

6. Manufacturing

We utilize skilled operators to manufacture products to the expected quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

• Detailed work instructions to assure standardization in production processes
• Trained to industry standards
• Continuous improvement
• ISO certified
• On-time shipments

7. Service and Support

The tireless commitment for an A-level product to be produced every time.

• Continuation of engineering services
• End of life component sourcing
• Design improvements
• Manufacturing improvements

Providing services for every
step in a product’s lifecycle

Engineering and Production problem solvers

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