Since our founding in 1952, we have been helping our customers find solutions in the electro-mechanical manufacturing industry and have built a reputation as a component supplier that goes above and beyond to help its customers innovate and find creative solutions. In December 2020, we enthusiastically announce that Gopher Electronics will change to the name Agility Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions, or Agility EMS.

The new name and look epitomize how Gopher Electronics currently partners with customers to deliver fast, custom solutions for their every need, from design to component supply to value-added integration. For the foreseeable future, our business partners do not have to make any account changes since we will continue to use DBA Gopher Electronics. With our new look and name, the company looks forward to continuing to be a total solution provider for our valued customers and the rest of our stakeholders for decades to come.


Jeff Mrozinski

Agility Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions

Your partner for electro-mechanical components, distribution, and value-added engineering support.

Your equipment depends on the quality and durability of its components. You need a supplier and custom solutions provider that empowers you to the optimize cost and production time without sacrificing performance or quality.

Since 1952, Agility EMS has gone above and beyond to help its customers innovate and find creative solutions to their electro-mechanical challenges. Our customers value and expect our team’s flexibility, speed, exceptional customer service, and ability to partner alongside them to quickly deliver custom solutions.

Whether you require out-of-the-box components through our distribution services or a custom-built assembly provided by our custom solutions and engineering services, you can consolidate your vendors and streamline your fulfillment process, our Agility EMS team is here to serve you.

Markets We Serve

The Agility EMS team supports the industries that fuel the American economy. From mobility controls for farm machinery to sensing equipment for hospital-grade instruments to assemblies that support IoT infrastructure, partner with Agility EMS for high-quality electro-mechanical components and value-added engineering support.

We serve a variety of markets based upon our customers requirements, including several key markets listed below.

Key Markets



The transportation industry is a key driver of economic growth. Agility EMS supports this vital industry with hundreds of standard electro-mechanical products and custom, integrated solutions. From mobility controls for farming equipment to human-machine interface controls for heavy-duty equipment, our high-quality components are designed to take whatever your end application throws at them.



Performance, productivity, and reliability are your top concerns. Partner with the electro-mechanical components and value-added engineering experts who understand your priorities. Our components are accurate, durable, and can be custom designed to perform at any stage of your product lifecycle.


Patient Monitoring and Equipment

Medical and biomedical equipment is critical infrastructure that absolutely cannot fail. You need to trust the components that power your equipment are durable, long-lived, and accurate. Partner with Agility EMS to source or develop a custom solution for the electro-mechanical components that keep patients and providers safe.

Product Feature

VM3S Series IP67 Snap-Action Switch

CIT Relay & Switch is now offering the miniature VM3S Series IP67 process sealed snap-action switches.
Available in either SPST normally open or normally closed or SPDT, the VM3S Series offers protection against dust and the effects of temporary water immersion.
With a wide array of electrical rating options, the VM3S can be customized to fit your exact requirements.

Trust Agility EMS

The Agility EMS team, HEART is at the center of every client relationship. When you partner with us, you can expect Honest communication, a commitment to innovation that empowers us to Evolve, and an Accountable team that treats all stakeholders with Respect and uses Teamwork to find lasting solutions. These values have helped Agility EMS serve thousands of customers since 1952.




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Our Partners in Innovation

Agility EMS works with the most trusted brands in the electro-mechanical industry to deliver high-quality components and value-added engineering services to you. Take a moment to meet them.