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Agility EMS Is Your Unmatched Solution for All of Your Custom Needs

There’s no “one size fits all” solution to your needs. Whether you need a distributor to work on existing specifications or a partner for design and engineering support, Agility Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions meets you where you are to create customized components and assemblies.   The Agility EMS team members use their decades of experience to provide the highest-quality custom solutions guaranteed to fit your company’s needs. To solve your unique business challenges, Agility EMS works with our distribution partners and customizes products and services to create a solution just for you.

Meet Your Goals with Strategies That Excel

From value-add assemblies to panel builds, Agility EMS can bring your vision for a breakthrough product to life. Highly flexible and reliable, Agility EMS’s custom assembly services produce a variety of products, including wire harnesses which play critical roles in connecting components, easy-to-use box builds, and customized cables assembly based on your specifications. With a commitment to improving products, services, and processes, Agility EMS’s pursuit of continuous improvement creates added value for every customer, leading to long-lasting partnerships. 

New Product Introduction Process to Support the Electronics Industry

As a premier electro-mechanical distributor, Agility EMS can supply and tailor products to your specific needs. Nothing is out of reach. 

The Agility EMS new product introduction process provides quick first-time builds that reduces or eliminates errors on future projects. Our process catches any issues with a BOM or even the product itself before full production commences. This efficient strategy produces a superior product. 

Quick Engineering Services to Get Your Project Back on Track

Agility EMS engineers can develop products for companies that require quick turnarounds, even for one-time builds. If your production line goes down and you need a quick, one-time fix, Agility EMS’s engineers will work with you to develop a product specifically tailored to your needs and fast-track the production to help get you up and running as quickly as possible.

In-Depth Inspection and Testing Prior to Production

If you want to test a new product’s critical features, Agility EMS can provide you with a first article build. Our in-depth inspection covers every part of the product, including dimensions, termination, and testing, so you can better understand your product. This process ensures complete satisfaction with the product while allowing for modifications. We also have experience with all levels of Production Part Approval Processes (PPAP). With these types of services, Agility EMS can assure your product will perform as intended and expected. 

The Agility EMS Production Run Process

After developing a new product, a first-article build or quick-turn job, the project moves into the production build phase. With state-of-the-art processes and equipment, this is a full production run similar to what you would expect in a typical engineering environment. Agility EMS completely controls the process, from control plans and work instructions to documented inspection standards to ensure quality throughout the process. 

Agility EMS Guarantees Quality and Safety

Agility EMS’s custom solutions place quality and safety standards above all else and have succeeded in meeting the following standards and certifications. CSA Standard IPC Certifications:

–  IPC/WHMA-A-620 (Agility EMS and its Contract Manufacturing partners all employ IPC Certified Inspector trainers who are certified to inspect all aspects of cable/wire harness assemblies to the WHMA-A-620-A criteria.)

– IPC-A-610

– IPC J-STD-001

ISO Certification 9001:2015
Lean Six-Sigma Certified
Certified Lean Practitioner
OSHA 10 certification
Certified Additive Manufacturing – UL/SME
UL Certs:

-Industrial Control Panels; Document Name: NITW.E49—71

-Industrial Control Panels Certified for Canada; Document Name: NITW7.E490071

-Repackaged Recognized Components; Document Name: TEOU2.E174446

-Repackaged Electrical Construction Equipment; Document Name: TEOZ.E174446

-Wiring Harnesses-Component; Document Name: ZPFW2.E121321