Agility EMS Partners with Madison Company
to Offer Liquid Level Sensing Products


Agility EMS has partnered with Madison Company to offer a new line of high-performance liquid level switches and sensors. Madison strives to be a preferred global source for sensors and control technology with its fast time to market, reliable quality and delivery, and outstanding service.

Madison Company was founded in 1959 in Madison, CT, starting out as a job shop with many products. Over time, Madison’s focus changed to the manufacture of liquid level switches and sensors, expanding its product and technology portfolio to meet the needs of the marketplace. In 1985, the company moved to Branford, CT, as it developed its North American and international presence. Madison Company has been on a steady growth pattern, doubling sales every 5 years since 1976.

Current and new customers can learn more about Madison Company products by contacting an Agility EMS representative at 1 (800) 592-9519 or on our website at

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