Sensing Solutions since 1959

Madison Company’s manufacturing of reliable liquid level sensing products and outstanding service has created successful outcomes for our customers since 1959. At Madison Company, we support our customer’s efforts by employing our capabilities, experience, and application know-how to provide the best sensor solutions.

Point Level Float Switches

Madison point level float switches use reed switch technology that is simple, reliable, and durable. They operate in an on/off state, and are used to control an external device such as an alarm or an on/off switch. 

Continuous Float Level Sensors

Madison continuous float level sensors use dependable reed switch technology to provide precise, accurate and repeatable indication of liquid level height in a container. 

Conductivity Sensors

Madison conductivity switches offer the advantage of no moving parts, making these ideal in environments that would cause a typical float switch to stick or not operate. 

Optical Sensors

Madison optical switches are accurate and repeatable switched output detectors with no moving parts and minimal fluid contact. 

Visual Indicators

Madison continuous level visual indicator sensors provide simple and economical liquid level indication where no electrical power is available. They are ideal for use in 30 and 55 gallon remote and mobile storage tanks.

Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Madison ultrasonic sensors are used to continuously measure semi-solid, corrosive, and viscous medias, slurries and even some solids.