Agility EMS is ECIA’s Member of the Week


Agility EMS is honored to be selected as the Electronic Components Industry Association’s (ECIA) Member of the Week! See what ECIA said about Agility EMS below!

“The Agility EMS team members use their decades of experience to provide quality products, custom solutions, and engineering services to fit your company’s needs. To solve your unique business challenges, Agility EMS works with your company, our distribution partners, and other parties as needed, to create a solution just for you.  Whether you need a distributor to work on existing specifications or a partner for design and engineering support, Agility EMS meets you where you are to create customized components and assemblies.

As a premier electro-mechanical distributor, the Agility EMS new product introduction process provides quick first-time custom builds that reduces or eliminates errors. The process catches any issues with a BOM or even the product itself before full production commences. This efficient strategy produces a superior product the first time.

Agility Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions has been a member for 58 years! ECIA is grateful for the continued support.”

A big thank you to ECIA for the recognition!