Introducing ebm-papst Motors and Drives!


Our motor and drive solutions include motors, gear boxes, and electronics as well as their corresponding accessories and software.

Our brushed DC motors range in size from a diameter of 42 mm up to 63 mm and feature a power output of up to 93 Watts.

For applications requiring a higher power output and longer lifetime, we offer brushless DC motors (also called EC motors) with servo capabilities and inner & outer rotor technology that provide up to 750 Watts of nominal power. These brushless DC motors are paired with hall sensors and can utilize an integrated or external controller.

To make these solutions even more customizable, we offer a wide range of planetary, spur, and right-angled gearboxes as well as complementary products like encoders and brakes.

These versatile components can be configured in many different ways to create a unique and reliable drive system optimized for almost any need in medical devices, intralogistics, packaging, factory automation, and more!


  • New Product Template (NPT) including stocking package recommendation
  • Nominal data overview
  • Distributor Drivemail – Overview and highlights of the series

Here is a Dropbox link which includes the attached files as well as datasheetsdrawingsjpg images3D images, and a group image to support this product launch.

Here is a link to our DriveStudio software download for K4 motors and K4 external controllers.