ebm-papst was founded in 1963 and is the world leader in fans and drives. With core competences in motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics, this innovator in air movement and drive engineering technology is known for setting international market standards. ebm-papst’s portfolio features over 20,000 products and offers customized, energy-efficient and intelligent solutions for virtually any ventilation or drive engineering requirement in a wide range of markets including, air-conditioning and refrigeration, medical technology, IT, heating, mechanical engineering, commercial and household appliances, intralogistics, ventilation, automotive, and more.

High Performance Compact Fans

  • Compact, quiet and highly efficient energy-saving fans. Available for all voltages and in all standard sizes.
  • Applications: Automotive seat and electronics cooling, medical equipment, power supplies, printers/copiers, refrigerated display cases, routers, servers, warming ovens
  • Markets: Appliance, Automotive, Data Center, Industrial, IT / Telecom, Medical, Refrigeration

Axial Fans

  • Supply airflow at low system pressures. Complete fan packages provide easy mounting, minimal depth, low noise and high efficiency. Electronically commutated external-rotor motor with integrated electronics.
  • Applications: Condensers, horticulture, industrial and commercial air conditioners, livestock ventilation, motor/engine cooling, mobile refrigeration
  • Markets: Agriculture, Air-conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration, Data Center, Industrial, Transportation, Mobile, Rail, Ventilation

Backward Curved Motorized Impellers

  • Supply air flow at medium system pressure; air is drawn in over the motor and then discharged radially. Electronically commutated external-rotor motor with integrated electronics.
  • Applications: Cleanrooms, exhaust systems, routers, telecom equipment, mobile refrigeration, HVAC, engine cooling
  • Markets: Data Center, IT / Telecom, Transportation, Ventilation, Rail

Centrifugal Fans

  • Suitable for applications with relatively high pressures. External rotor motor combined with a forward curved centrifugal wheel within a scroll housing.
  • Applications: Exhaust systems, range hoods, machine cooling
  • Markets: Air-conditioning, Appliance, Industrial, Transportation, Ventilation

Tangential Blowers

  • Feature a narrow footprint and provide even, low velocity airflow over a wide area; available in a variety of lengths.
  • Applications: Fireplace inserts, pellet stoves, industrial cabinet cooling
  • Markets: Heating, Industrial


  • Provide added versatility for optimum fan operation
  • Capacitors, inlet rings, finger guards and more!


Experience the Future of Fan Technology with AxiForce

AxiForce tubeaxial fans deliver powerful cooling in even the smallest of spaces. Ideal for optimizing the temperature in enclosures, automation control units, 5G power modules, and more, this series has already proven to be indispensable in our modern, networked world.


Dynamic Air Delivery for Demanding Applications

RVE45 DC centrifugal fans excel in applications requiring rapid pressure changes, and are ideal for a wide range of medical and industrial applications including ventilators, breathing masks, vacuum lifters, and even filling bubble wrap!