Rebranding Customer FAQ

1. Why is the company changing its name?

Gopher Electronics has been in business since 1952. During the company’s journey we have changed in many ways to improve and grow our partnerships with our customers. We are now embarking on providing more ways to help our customers solving problems. The new name gives a better representation of what we can offer.

2. What are the new ways you can help us solve problems?

We are expanding our capability to support our customers constantly changing needs by increasing the distribution, custom solutions, and engineering services we can provide to our customers.

3. What does this mean to me?

A continuation of the great customer service and experience we have provided in the past PLUS increasing our distribution, custom solutions, and engineering services offerings to our customers. Our goal is to enhance and build our partnerships.

4. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact your Agility Business Development Manager, Customer Account Manager, or our VP of Sales and Marketing, David Mancuso. You can also send any questions to our main company email box, info@agilityEMS.com , which is monitored daily by our support team who will route questions to the proper person.

5. Do I set up a new supplier in my system? Or do I need to have a new A/P account set up?

No, you do not need to make any changes. Agility EMS will continue to use DBA Gopher Electronics for the foreseeable future.

6. Is my day-to-day contact changing?

No. Your sales, accounting and customer service contact points will remain the same.

7. What about your website?

We will migrate to a new and modern website. It will highlight the markets we serve, our capabilities, and much more information. The website address is: www.agilityems.com. The www.gopherelectronics website will remain online, but it will redirect you to the new website automatically.

8. Are you moving to another location?

No, we will remain headquartered in our current location:
222 Little Canada Road East
Saint Paul, MN 55117

9. Where did the name Agility come from?

The name Agility Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions was carefully decided upon. We wanted a name that would articulate our agile ability to respond to our customer and market’s rapid demands, deliver fast, custom solutions for every need, from engineering design to component supply to value-added integration.

10. Is the Gopher Electronics name going away?

Not for the time being. We will do business as Agility EMS DBA Gopher Electronics.

11. What is the timing for the changes?

The December 2020 time frame. This re-branding will match our focus on 2021 and beyond.

Our Partners in Innovation – The Edge Group 2022 Linecard

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