Agility EMS Provides The Best In Flat Flex Cable

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At Agility EMS, we bring you the best in flat flex cable (FFC) in any design you need, and we are a certified distributor of flat pitch cable. We have what you need in cable pitch, conductor distribution and length, and offer you the custom solutions that will get your job done using long lasting and quality components.
Agility EMS provides you with the flat flex cable assembly you need. Flat flex jumpers and flex strip printed circuits are also available, and our custom solutions offer DIN Rail/Panel Builds. We offer the support, design, prototyping and testing that ensures quality, and if you need drawing and specs, we can do that too. Agility EMS has a team of experienced custom product specialists who will assist you with any design or modification you need.


Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Assemblies:

  • Lighter weight & lower profile vs. traditional wire harnesses
  • Cable assemblies may be connectorized to mate with industry standard headers
  • Centerlines of .100″(2.54 mm) & .050″ (1.27 mm)
  • Jacket constructions of Nomex, Polyester, Kapton and Teflon
  • High flex life & superior heat dissipation
  • EMI/RFI options are available
  • Custom length assemblies available
  • 100% continuity tested

Agility EMS meets you where you are to create customized components and assemblies. The Agility EMS Team uses their decades of experience to provide the highest-quality custom solutions guaranteed to fit your company’s needs. To solve your unique business challenges, we work with our distribution partners and customize products and services to create a solution just for you.

Current and new customers can learn more about Flat Flex Cable and Agility’s Custom Solutions Services by contacting an Agility EMS representative at 1-(800)-592-9519 or by emailing

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