Agility EMS Now Carries Trumeter’s IoT Gateway – For Remote Monitoring of the APM Range With Trumeter Cloud


The IoT Gateway unlocks the potential of Trumeter’s Advanced Panel Meter (APM) range by providing remote monitoring of up to 4 APMs with the Trumeter Cloud dashboard.

An all-in-one remote monitoring solution designed for easy integration into your systems and equipment, the IoT Gateway provides a powerful feature set in a cost-effective package. For use with the entire APM range, it connects to your network via ethernet to provide remote monitor readings and status of your systems, as well as email and SMS alerts, through Trumeter Cloud online dashboard.

Gateway Features:

  • Remote monitoring of up to 4 APMs per Gateway
  • Free access to Trumeter Cloud dashboard
  • Email and/or text messages on alarm conditions
  • Data securely stored in the Cloud. Downloadable in CSV or XLS file formats

The APM Range – A family of cutting-edge digital panel meters for almost any application; each APM gives you:

  • A customizable digital scale
  • Programmable color-changing dynamic backlighting for instant status readings
  • Up to 10 customizable alarm set points
  • Four-digit starburst display for custom messages and annunciators
  • Digital and analog outputs
  • Programmable dynamic color backlighting

Current and new customers can learn more about Agility EMS and Trumeter by contacting an Agility EMS representative at 1-(800)-592-9519 or by emailing

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