Agility EMS is proud to introduce Trumeter’s innovative Advanced Panel Meters (APMs) – the smarter, safer, and versatile choice for customizable digital monitoring solutions.

The cutting-edge technology of Trumeter’s APMs provides you with:
  • A customizable scale
  • Two alarm set points
  • Four-digit starburst display for custom messages and annunciators
  • Digital and analog outputs
  • Programmable dynamic color backlighting
Trumeter’s APM M2 Meter is an all-in-one meter that can be configured to measure amps, voltage or frequency for applications including switchgear and power control centers. Benefits include:
  • 100-240V AC mains powered
  • No additional power supply required
  • 40-segment bar graph scale
  • Dimensions: 72mm x 72mm x 53mm
  • *NEW* 20 point non-linearization scaling (for non-linear sensors)
  • *NEW* 10 alarm setpoints
  • *NEW* configurable digital output delay
APM Input 0 – 10,000A via CT, 0 – 5A Direct, 0 – 600V DC/AC (+/-), 2 – 400Hz
PSU 100-240V AC & 50-60Hz
Outputs Output 1: Digital (open collector) or Analog (4-20mA), Output 2: Digital (open collector) or Analog (4-20mA)
Dimensions 72mm x 72mm x 53mm
Screen Size 57mm x 53mm
Communication Modbus RTU Optional
Accuracy 1.0%
Certifications CE, cUL, IP65, NEMA 4 & 12, ROHS, UL
For more information, please contact Agility EMS at or call 800-592-9519.  

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