Sensing the world’s needs.

Comus International was founded in June 1978 by Robert P. Romano. Comus International started out as a manufacturer of glass mercury tilt-switches for residential and commercial thermostats. Immediate success and rapid growth led to new product development and soon the metal mercury switch and, ultimately, the patented non-mercury switch were designed and offered to the market which led to further success. Today, Comus International is a leading manufacturer of tilt and tip-over switches, motion/vibration sensors, reed switches, reed relays, solid state relays, proximity sensors, float switches and a wide variety of custom turnkey sensors. Success of our product growth and offering has been built with an excellent reputation for quality and service. Comus has evolved into a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of a wide variety of sensors and sensor-related products. Applications are found in such diverse market segments as medical, automotive, white goods, alarm and security, and military/aerospace. Our success through the past several decades is a combination of continual organic and acquisition growth, leading to the formation of the Comus Group of companies. Divisions include the following: • Comus Europe (formerly known as Assemtech) and Active Switch and Sensor in Essex – England. • Comus International BVBA in Belgium. • Comus Technology B.V. (Formerly known as Coto Technology) in The Netherlands. • STG India and Comus India. • Computer Components Inc. in the United States. The Comus Group of Companies is now one of the largest manufacturers in the sensor industry.

Panel Mount Indicators

With the largest offering of LED, incandescent, and neon panel mount indicators in the market, VCC enables engineers to quickly design-in the exact solution to meet their requirements. Choose from panel-mount, rear panel-mount, snap-in, or threaded bushing options in relampable or non-relampable versions. Available in a variety of mounting hole diameters, with PCB, quick tab, wire lead, solder lug, or wire-wrap termination, you’ll find the exact panel mount indicator light solution you need.

Light Pipes

VCC’s broad offering of light pipes includes rigid (vertical and right angle) or flexible solutions in modular, low-profile or one-piece versions. Light Pipes provides a method of transmitting the light from the PCB mounted LEDs to the front display panel and it increases the apparent brightness of a PCB mounted LED. Excellent optical appearance, easy installation and is a cost effective way of bringing indication to your front panel.

LED Displays

From small, lightweight, portable devices to medical instruments to household and food service appliances to industrial and telecom applications, these LED displays feature lower power requirements, high light output, less space, and more design flexibility. Illuminated surface-mount display enables the device interface to be more user-friendly and intuitive. Offered in a range of colors which enables the device interface to be more user-friendly and intuitive. Robust design due to no mechanical moving parts.


VCC’s extensive line of LEDs and LED indicator light products offer high-quality, high-performance lighting solutions in applications across the optoelectronics industry. For through-hole, surface mount, single color, bi-color, flangeless, high-intensity, high bright, single or dual-digit display, dot matrix display, or backlighting LEDs, think VCC for your next indication application. With the most standard package sizes available, and more options to choose from, VCC is the global leader in optoelectronic LEDs.


Wide offering in LED, Neon, Incandescent, and Halogen Lamps. Looking for a LED replacement lamp (bulb)? Find it right here. LED replacement bulbs, delivers improved illumination, durability, and long life.


Offerings include retainer rings, spacers, bezels, clips, speed nuts, overlays, and LED mounts.