Utilize Agility EMS For Your Highest Quality Panel Builds


With decades of experience, Agility EMS Panel Build services work to streamline manufacturing and get your products to market quickly. Our experienced and flexible process development teams utilize our supply chain experts to provide cost effective, fast turnaround for the highest quality Panel Builds.

Builds begin with a New Product Introduction process to identify and address any issues prior to first build to ensure a smooth assembly. Quality is our top priority.

Leveraging 70 plus years supporting Industrial Distribution serving the Automation and Controls market we have strong supplier relationships, product knowledge and in-depth inventory. Using our vast production capabilities, we can fully integrate services from small to heavy gauge wire processing, DIN Rail design and placement, Wiring Duct customization, broad labeling capabilities from standard to custom. Operator and Controls configuration as well as a UL-508A panel SCCR validation for branch circuits. Integrating displays, HMI, drives, operator interfaces, circuit protection, contactors, power filtering, addressing air moving to keep panels in within operating temperatures and meeting environmental considerations. Low-Mid volume panel builds with high component count are our specialty.

Builds are fully documented with Operator Work Instructions for job repeatability.

Let Agility EMS take “the load” off your back and free up your resources and provide a ready to install Control Panel Build for your new or current project. Contact our skilled team of Sales Experts to explore how we can bring solutions to market for you today.

Current and new customers can learn more about Agility EMS and Display Visions by contacting an Agility EMS representative at 1-(800)-592-9519 or by emailing info@AgilityEMS.com.

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