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Discover the exciting panel meter remote monitoring solution with Trumeter Cloud, IoT Gateway and the Advanced Panel Meter range from Trumeter – available now!

IoT Gateway For APM

Get APM remote monitoring with the IoT Gateway and Trumeter Cloud – remote monitoring in a cost-effective package. The IoT Gateway instantly gives you the ability to remotely monitor the readings and status of your systems, as well as real-time alerts via email and SMS. Plug and play out of the box, you get Trumeter Cloud dashboard access plus 30 SMS and email alarm alerts.

APM M1 and M2 Meters

The APM M1 (12-24V AC/DC power) and M2 (100-240V AC power) are 3-in-1 meters that can be set to measure either current, voltage or frequency via the APM software. They are an ideal panel meter for a range of applications such as switchgear and power control centers.

APM Frequency Meter

The APM Frequency Meter is designed for measuring frequency and speed. It’s used in applications including marine, leisure and material handling to accurately measure DC pulses from a sensor and supports a wide range of 2-400Hz inputs. Features include 0.5% accuracy, two outputs (digital or analog), plus programmable scale, 20-point non-linear conversion, annunciators and color changing display.

APM Ammeters

The APM range of ammeters includes the APM Amp Meter for direct AC & DC current up to 5A at 1.0% accuracy. The APM CT Meter for use with current transformers to measure AC current up to 10,000A at 0.5% accuracy.

Trumeter is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of sophisticated measurement instruments including advanced panel meters, counters and timers. The company’s deep engineering and manufacturing expertise supports a unique focus on customization and custom product development of new products to meet any customer need. Trumeter has operated in the U.K. since 1937 and in the U.S. since 1938 with sales in more than 30 countries through a network of distribution partners.