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Power quality problems can disrupt production, damage equipment and corrupt valuable data. SolaHD total power quality solutions keep production lines moving while keeping people, equipment and information safe. Prevent the costly effects of poor power quality with our comprehensive line of products that convert, protect and backup power throughout production facilities. If it needs power, it needs SolaHD.

Power Supplies

Systems that depend on sophisticated electronics can rely on SolaHD’s performance, core and essential power supplies.

Industrial Control Transformers

Our industrial control transformers are available in a wide variety of voltage combinations and volt-ampere capacities to meet your requirements.

Power Protection

A complete selection of the most advanced power protection solutions.

Power Conditioning

Our ferroresonant power conditioners protect equipment from all power problems other than a complete loss of power. 


We provide single and three phase, indoor and outdoor, standard or custom transformers to fit your requirements