Providing Optimized Transformer Design For Your Application


Agility EMS is excited to feature Triad Magnetics Power Transformers! Triad has been designing and manufacturing transformers for more than 75 years and offers a wide range of standard power transformers for use in diverse applications and industries.

With the goal of providing an optimized design for their customer’s application, Triad’s engineers provide extensive custom design services with rapid design, prototyping, and testing from their U.S. Design Center.

Chassis Mount Quick-Connect World Series™ Power Transformers
These power transformers were designed to meet both U.S. and international standards, including CSA, IEC, TUV, and UL requirements. These models are among the most versatile on the market.

Chassis Mount Leaded World Series™ Power Transformers
Triad constructs these power transformers with European-style split bobbins to reduce interwinding capacitance and eliminate the need for expensive electrostatic shielding while meeting all international safety agency standards.

PC Mount Split Pack™ Power Transformers
These split-bobbin transformers are non-concentrically wound and instead have the primaries and secondaries side-by-side combined with low-capacitive coupling to eliminate the need for costly electrostatic shielding.

PC Mount Split Pack™ Class 2/3 Power Transformers
This product line features all the benefits of split-pack transformers but adds in primary-to-secondary high potential (hipot) dielectric strength of 4200 Volts AC (VAC) — nearly twice the industry standard.