Timers & Controls

Relay and solid state timers, sensors and controls, complex microprocessors and custom designs.

  • Relay Timers
  • Solid State Timers
  • Multifunction Timers
  • Custom Controls
  • Current Sensors
  • Flashers

Circuit Protectors

Circuit protectors, breakers, fuse holders and sockets.

  • Manual Or Auto Reset Circuit Protector
  • High-Amp Circuit Breaker
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • Manual Reset Rocker Switch

DIN Rail Timers & Controls

Timers, voltage and phase monitors, current sensors and relays with DIN rail mountings.

  • Universal Voltage Relay Timers & Digital Timers
  • Voltage & Phase Monitoring Controls
  • Over / Under Current Sensors
  • Universal Voltage Power Relays

Film Capacitors

Polypropeylene, polyester & motor run film capacitors in various capicitance ranges and case types.

Flexible Test Connectors

Single-contact flexible connectors for tight locations and repeated use.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly, Cable and Wire Harnesses, Electronic Engineering Services.