• Electronic Hardware
    • PCB Hardware:  Spacer Supports, Standoffs, LED Holders and Light Pipes, Rivets, Fan Mounts, Connector Covers.
    • Cable Management:  Cable Clamps & Clips (snap-in & adhesive), Standoff Cable Clip, Twist Locks, Wire Saddles, Braided Sleeving and Heat Shrink Tubing.
  • Thermal, EMI & Shielding Solutions
    • Thermal Series:  Standard, Super Soft, Low Density, Super Tough.
    • EMI:  Magnetic Absorbing Material.
    • Shielding:   Fabric over Foam, XYZ Conductive Foam, SMT Gasket, Conductive PE, and Conductive Fabric Tape.

Spacer Supports

Cable Clamps & Clips

Rivets & Fan Mounts

LED Holder & Light Pipes