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Work Lamps

Anyone who works in the dark must rely on a good light for safe and productive work. HELLA work lights have been specially developed to cope with the grueling demands of daily off road use and, due to the materials used, meet the higher expectations for resistance to dirt and moisture in an exceptional manner. Rugged yet lightweight housing design and reflectors developed specially for their intended purpose ensure high and lasting productivity.

Auxiliary Lamps

We know the requirements of drivers inside out and offer tailor made products designed to meet the rigorous demands of challenging off road conditions. From innovative auxiliary headlamps and daytime running lights incorporating LED technology to rugged work lights and professional beacons: everybody can find exactly the product they need from our range.


Beacons are not only required during rescue operations, but also always where a special warning is required to alert users to hazardous situations. This is frequently the case when working with heavy machinery off road. If professionals have to rely on technology, their first choice will be HELLA beacons and warning systems.


Whether they choose the rich harmonic sound of the two-tone electric trumpet horns or the penetrating beep of our Supertone disc horns, drivers will surely be able to get themselves noticed. Trumpet horns with compressors or pressurized air – our warning signals are always state-of-the-art.


Discover the wide range of HELLA LED Light Bars with access to images, dimensions and all the information you need at your fingertips. The new HELLA LED Light Bars features a revolutionary design that combines powerful LED lighting with a sleek, aerodynamic low profile, low weight, thermally conductive, polymer body.

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