William Grote founded the company through a lens of original thinking and visionary leadership. In 1922, Grote embarked on a program of research and development that has led the industry in vehicle safety equipment and carried on the innovative spirit with breakthrough designs and processes. Today, the road is filled with cars and trucks using Grote lighting components, and the nation’s highways are safer thanks to Grote safety systems. In fact, Grote pioneered many of the manufacturing processes that we take for granted today in America.

T26 Work Light

The new standard for Trilliant® performance in a small, mount-anywhere LED work light.This T26 design packs a full 1800 lumens in a small three-inch diameter package that uses only 17.5 Watts across 10-48 Volts. The family includes a far pattern and near pattern flood design, with a choice of pinch or pedestal mountings. The T26’s small size and rugged construction allows it to be mounted in places where larger or less rugged lights cannot fit or survive. Once on the job, the T26’s robust mechanical design ensures consistent performance and long life expectancy in the harshest environments.
  • 64E11
  • 64F11
  • 64G01
  • 64G11
  • 01-64E0-70

e90 w Deutsch connector Work Light

The design of the e90 work light makes it the perfect halogen replacement. With affordable LED-technology delivering 100x longer life expectancy than standard halogen bulbs, this punchy little lamp comes in a compact and robust 9x9cm housing with a reduced depth of only 3cm. In this way, it can easily mount on any machine or vehicle.
  • 64U21-3
  • 64V21-3
  • 64U31-3
  • 64V31-3
  • 64U41-3

6" Oval LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lights with Integrated Back-up

The 6” Oval LED Stop/Tail/Turn and Back-up light seamlessly combines two separate lights. Symmetrical and sleek, the innovative 6” Oval LED lowers inventory and maintenance costs while saving space for other controls on box trucks, vocational trucks, and specialized vehicles. This light can also replace a Back-up light on power modules.
  • 54682
  • 54702
  • 54672

Ag Lights/System (Harnesses, Flasher Control Module)

Grote’s LED Amber Warning Lights for Agriculture & Off-Highway Applications can be placed in a variety of positions & still meet all compliance specifications. They are available in pedestal and surface mount options to meet your Ag & Off-Highway lighting needs.
  • 56160
  • 56150

90mm headlights

Grote’s 90mm LED standalone High Beam and Low Beam headlamps along with the combination High Beam / Low Beam Bi-LED headlamp module are the perfect high-tech replacements for standard 90mm halogen headlamps. Designed to enhance driving safety while meeting the most demanding on and off-road requirements, Grote’s new 90mm headlamp family makes upgrading to superior LED performance an easy decision.
  • 64X01
  • 64X11
  • 64X21
  • 84581
  • 84581-3

Light bars

No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, Grote’s Off Road Light Bars are sure to light up what’s in front of you.
  • 64J11
  • 64J21
  • 64J31