People-Driven Performance

What we do at ECCO is known the world over. But why do we do it? All in the name of safety and productivity. For more than 45 years, our people have put professionals first in engineering, design, manufacturing, and service so they can work safer and with better results. Even at a glance it’s clear to see why pros trust ECCO when there’s a job to be done right.

Back-Up Alarms

Since 1972, ECCO has been producing the world’s most reliable and durable back-up alarms. These audible warning devices are invaluable on the job and are proven to save lives, reduce injuries and minimize property loss. Back-up alarms feature rugged water resistant housing and multiple mounting options to accommodate any truck or work vehicle in the fleet.


Give work vehicles a safety boost with a line of performance optimized beacons. Multiple mounting options are available for these durable warning lights, including magnetic bases for rooftops. From trucks to forklifts, ECCO beacons reliably alert work crews and pedestrians.


ECCO worklights generate effective illumination where needed most to assist with tasks or highlight hazards. Mount these compact LED lights virtually anywhere on the vehicle’s surface or take the rechargeable work lights with you on the next job. ECCO’s long-lasting, highly durable floodlights and spotlights reliably perform under extreme working conditions.

Interior Lighting

ECCO interior lights are designed to fit into every compartment, side panel, corner or ceiling space in the cab or cargo area. From strip lighting to overhead, flush-mounted domes, these LED lights cast a diffused, even beam of white light to find the right tools or parts to get the job done.

Camera Systems

ECCO back-up camera systems significantly enhance reversing safety with their weather-proof designs and high-definition monitor displays. Available with wired or wireless models and multi-camera options, our camera systems easily install on any vehicle, from work trucks to cars and industrial equipment.

Directional LEDs

Exterior directional lights provide multiple warning functions for any vehicle surface, grille, headlight and taillight. Enhance visibility with powerful LEDs that deliver dozens of flash patterns and synchronization capability. Choose from a variety of ECCO directional lights that feature single-, split-, dual- or tri-color light heads.