Deltrol Corp is a privately held, 4th generation family-owned business, founded in 1963.  It consists of three separate divisions: Deltrol Controls, Deltrol Fluid Products, and Fluid Power & Controls Co., Ltd. For over 50 years, they have designed and manufactured solenoids, relays, valves, and custom assemblies for a variety of applications.

Electro-mechanical Relays

Control electrical loads in a wide variety of applications


Electromagnetic device that converts electrical energy into a mechanical pushing or pulling force or motion

Water Inlet Valves

Water Inlet Valves are pilot-operated valves used to control the flow of water from a water main

Dispensing Valves

Valves designed to dispense gravity fed (up to 3 psi) water or similar media from a tank 

Proportional Valves

Valves designed to controls flow rate of fluid passing through the valves to be adjusted anywhere between fully off to fully open

Pressure Valves

2-way solenoid valves used to control the flow of liquids and inert gases up to 150 psi