Belden is a global leader in end-to-end signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications. Belden’s product portfolio includes cabling, connectivity, networking and cybersecurity solutions designed to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

SpaceMaker Electronic Cables

Made for today’s machines, Belden’s SpaceMaker cables connect more devices in less space and provide exceptional strength and durability, even when exposed to the daily rigors of industrial operating conditions.

Industrial REVConnect

Industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors offer an efficient field-termination solution with a superior insulation piercing mechanism and EMI protection for utmost reliability.

OptiTuffTM Mini Fiber Cables

Belden’s OptiTuffTM Mini Fiber Cable is the only cable that combines the durability of metal armored solutions with the performance and installation ease of non-armored solutions. This cable doesn’t just stand above other cables in its category—it stands alone. It provides a cost-effective, ruggedized option to replace traditional metal armored and non-armored fiber products.

Lead Wire & Hook-Up Wire

Belden hook-up and lead wire products are manufactured in a variety of materials, sizes and designs to meet rigid industry and government specifications. Our hook-up and lead wire can be used in a wealth of applications including interconnection circuits, internal wiring of computer and data processing equipment, appliances, lighting, motor leads, heating and cooling equipment, harness fabrication and automotive.

VFD Cable

Belden’s VFD Cables support variable-frequency AC motor drives in harsh settings. These cables are built to withstand demanding industrial environments, such as high voltage spikes, high noise levels and adverse environmental conditions. As the original developer of high-quality VFD cable, Belden knows how to deliver superior performance and reliability.

Industrial Cat 6A Ethernet Cable

Belden’s Industrial Cat6A was designed with higher bandwidth, a wider frequency range, more PoE and environmental protection, the DataTuff Cat 6A cable support fast and reliable data transmission. Industrial Cat6A offers optimal network performance, long-term reliability, and best-in-class flexibility. Additionally, this product is a ruggedized, industrial-grade solution that can withstand hazards such as oil, UV, and EMI noise interference.