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Agility EMS Preferred Vendors Network Solves
Long Lead Times and Increased Costs for
Generators Manufacturer


Industrial Manufacturing




Generator Starter Pack


At Agility EMS, our partnerships with trusted vendors make it possible for us to complete projects faster and more affordably. For years, Agility EMS has forged relationships with suppliers to benefit our customers. Our procurement team works closely with our customers’ design and engineering teams to provide solutions that meet their specific needs and reduce their sourcing costs.
A long-time customer approached Agility EMS to fulfill orders for starter packs on one of its generator lines. The customer had finalized the design of the starter packs and reached out to Agility EMS to provide the components.


When the manufacturer approached Agility EMS, they thought their design and bill of materials were complete and ready to go. But our collaborative design review uncovered extremely long lead times on overseas materials that would push out the project at least six months. This would have had a devastating effect on the manufacturer’s timeline.


The Agility EMS team went to work on finding a cost-effective and timely solution. Using our network of suppliers, our expert team found new suppliers stateside that shortened a six-month lead time to just six weeks. Not only did this solution keep the project on track, it gave our customer time to test the components in the field. After the manufacturer confirmed the components worked well, Agility EMS overbought those components so we would always have what we needed in our own inventory. This significantly cut down the lead time on future orders.


Through our collaborative review process and thorough search for alternative vendors, Agility EMS cut the lead time for our customer to just six weeks and helped them save 10 percent of their manufacturing costs. By handling the components sourcing for them, Agility EMS empowered our customer’s engineering team work to their strengths while we worked to ours.

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