Display Vision

Agility EMS is proud to feature DISPLAY VISION’s OLED displays of their “EA OLED” series!

Thanks to their high contrast and exceptionally wide viewing angle, these displays offer outstanding readability, with rapid response times and wide operating temperature range of -40°C – 80°C.

The OLED displays come in a variety of versions, such as a graphic display with 128 x 64 (EA OLEDM128-6), or 102 x 64 dots (EA OLEDS102-6), and as a pure text variant with 4×20 characters (EA OLEDM204-A).

These displays are available with an additional front screen for extra protection against scratching and UV radiation. They can be connected to microcontroller systems via either an SPI or I²C bus interface. DISPLAY VISIONS also offers other display types including TFT and dot-matrix LCD with sizes up to 10.1”.

Now the worldwide first OLED display family with pins is available! Pins with 2.54mm pitch provide a much faster and easier design; simply solder the display into a pcb or plug with sockets. SDK Development Kits are available for testing in your application. Competitive pricing, excellent quality and product availability make DISPLAY VISIONS the brightest solution.

Current and new customers can learn more about DISPLAY VISIONS and its products by contacting an Agility EMS representative at 1 (800) 592-9519 or on our website at https://agilityems.com.

For more information about Agility EMS and DISPLAY VISIONS, email info@AgilityEMS.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook!