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Agility EMS Helps Veterinary Technology Manufacturer Avoid Work Stoppage with Creative Solution to Supply Chain Challenge and Decreases Assembly Costs for Vehicle Manufacturer




Design a Solution for a Part Replacement


Replacement Part


When a supplier to a veterinary technology manufacturer experienced a parts supply chain issue that threatened to derail one of the manufacturer’s major product lines, the supplier got in touch with Agility EMS to design and fabricate a solution that enabled the manufacturer to continue production with no work stoppage and minimal impact on customers.



Losing access to an integral part can throw a manufacturing operation into chaos, resulting in work stoppage, loss of productivity, and unhappy customers. This is what a veterinary technology manufacturer faced when one of their suppliers realized they would not be able to fulfill a delivery on schedule. To avoid work stoppage on a major product line, the supplier contacted our expert team at Agility EMS to come up with a fast, effective solution that would not compromise quality.



The first thing we recommended was that the supplier notify their customer of the potential for delays so they could plan accordingly. However, our team hoped that they could design and fabricate a solution that would minimize downtime or avoid it altogether.

Working with the engineers at the supplier, our team designed a solution using similar product to the missing part. Using part samples, we obtained product deviation approvals from the manufacturer and modified the product internally to customize it for the manufacturer’s production line. The customer approved solutions on a temporary basis and added alternatives to the BOM to prevent a similar challenge from derailing future production.



As a result of partnering with Agility EMS, the supplier was able to deliver a solution the customer could install themselves. The customer experienced no work stoppage due to early communication and our creative solution.

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